Tours organized from Naples

Tour Pompeii

The ancient city probably arose around a settlement of Oscan Campania founded around the VI BC that, thanks to the favorable geographical position, developed rapidly, Pompei rises on a plateau of volcanic formation, on the southern slope of Vesuvius, at about 30 meters above sea level and a short distance from the mouth of the river Sarno. In 62 AD a disastrous earthquake caused serious damage to the buildings of the city; the following years were employed in the imposing restructuring work, still in progress at the time of the fatal eruption of Vesuvius on August 24th 79 AD, when Pompeii was completely and definitively buried by a thick rain of lapilli

Tour Positano

Built in the 4th century, it is located on the southern slopes of the Lattari Mountains which shelter it from the northern winds. The Romans built a rich patrician villa near the beach, now buried by the gardens and the Church of the Assumption. With the fall of the Roman Empire, Positano became part of the Republic of Amalfi, the first maritime republic, and underwent a flourishing period thanks to maritime trade with the other Mediterranean countries. Unfortunately, sad periods followed, especially with the Angevin and Aragonese domination, which saw our district repeatedly exposed to the offenses first of the Saracen pirates and then of the Turkish ones, in fact to defend themselves from pirate attacks they built 3 watch towers still immersed in the its beauties The main attraction is the Duomo which dates back to the IX century, then it was enlarged in 987 and rebuilt in 1203 in the Arab-Norman forms of Sicily and finally rebuilt in 1701 Its happy geographical position places it in the center of a territory between the more pleasant and rich in history and natural beauty, enjoying the advantages of a mild and dry climate.