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Tour from Naples
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Tour Pompei

The ancient city rose probably around an installation they osco-live founded around the VI a.C. what
thanks to the happy geographical position, it was developed quickly.
Pompei rises on a highland of volcanic formation, on the southern slope of the Vesuvius, to around 30 meters on the level of the sea and not too far from the mouth of the river Sarno.
In the 62 d. C. a disastrous earthquake provoked serious damages to the buildings of the city, the following years had employed in the imposing work of restructuring anchors in action to the moment of the fatal eruption of the Vesuvius of the 24 August of the 79 d. C. ,when Pompei had buried completely and definitely from a sharp pain rain of lapilli.

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Tour Positano

Risen in the IV century it's set to the southern strata of the Lattaris Mountains that mend her/it from the twenty of the North, The Romans built in the you press some Great beach a rich patrician house, now buried from the gardens and from the Church of assumes . With the fall of the empire Romano Positano entered to belong to the Republic of Amalfi, for Republic marinara and it crossed a florid period thanks to the maritime commerce with the other countries of the Mediterranean sea . Unfortunately they also followed sad periods, kind with the Angioins and Aragoneses domination what saw our region more times exposed to the offenses before the Saracen pirates and then of those Turkish, in fact to defend from the attacks of the pirates they built today still 3 towers of watch absorbed in his beauties. The principal attraction is the Cathedral that goes up again to the IX century, then hi had widened in 987 and referred in 1203 in the Arab-Norman forms of Sicily and finally reconstructed in 1701. It happy geographical position puts in the baricentro of a territory between the most pleasant and rich of history and of natural beauties enjoying some advantages of a mild and dry climate.

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